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d to medical polymer materials research, development, development of all types of burn trauma, frostbite, skin ulcer, beriberi and other topical drugs tie up rotten high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise. Mainly to drugs, equipment, disinfection products production and marketing.

Our company is located in Xinxiang Economic Development Zone, north of the new coke railway and the new Dutch railway, west of Beijing Guangzhou railway, east of Beijing Shenzhen high-speed railway, 107 National Road, location, 90 kilometers away from Zhengzhou International Airport, expressways, traffic is very convenient.

The company under the leadership of general manager Liang Faquan, market-oriented, technology driven, adhere to the "production, learning and research," four combination of scientific research policy, and has a number of research institutions and more than 20 universities and research institutes, establish the horizontal cooperation relationship. It also employs more than 20 experts as technical consultants, forming a scientific and technological cooperation group, which has laid a solid foundation for the technological progress and sustained and rapid development of enterprises. At the dawn of the new century, the development of the company strategic objectives formulated, is market-oriented, with talent as a fundamental, science and technology as the driving force, and actively implement the modern enterprise system reform, accelerate two changes, gradually establish a socialized enterprise group based on capital management.

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Xinxiang Huaxin Pharmaceutics Co. Ltd
 ADD:When Xinxiang Economic             Development Zone,
      Western Road
 Phone No:0373-5596211            15893820999
 General Manager:Mr.Liang
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